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Rediscover your passion, purpose and potential.

Midlife isn’t a certain age, it’s a feeling!

It can bring a sense of freedom to be yourself and finally do all the things you’ve been meaning to do.

And it can leave you stuck, wondering if there’s more to life than this.

Or when your career exhausts you, leaving you no time for yourself you might wonder how on earth you can carry on like this until you retire.

When you’ve experienced children leaving home, illness, divorce, redundancy or loss you might wonder what the next chapter of your life holds for you.

Carole Budgen online coaching
Carole Budgen what makes you YOU?

Does this sound like you?

Deep down, you know there’s something more to you and your life, but finding it eludes you. You’re grateful for what you have… but sense that you’re not living the life you could. You’re lying awake at night and feeling frustrated and demotivated during the day. You’re in a rut with a sense of time running out. Finding the answer is a priority – but how?

I’ve been there too, and I’m here to tell you you don’t have to stay stuck.

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I’m Carole

I work with women like you who want to create the next chapter of their lives on their own terms. I help them find freedom from the things that hold them back – things like not feeling good enough, self-criticism and self-doubt. I support them to believe in themselves and find a new direction; one that inspires and excites them and creates the life they long to live.

What people say

Carole’s empathic and compassionate approach was instrumental in helping me develop my thinking around my business and gave me a whole new focus on my energy and drive.


I was putting a lot of pressure on myself but neglecting the most fundamental part – me. Carole’s professional but gentle, unassuming and non-judgemental manner enabled these realisations and I would highly recommend her as a life coach.


Carole helped me to uncover the core source of the repeated situations I find myself in, in a very subtle, encouraging and compassionate way.


Having Carole to be accountable to drove me to accomplish so much more than I would have done on my own. I would recommend working with Carole to anyone who finds themselves stuck in some aspect of life.


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